Schloss Schönow
1840's Neo-Gothic Schloss

Schloss Schönow is a unique neo-Gothic castle built in the 1840's and located in Schönow, a small town in the Uckermark region of Brandenburg, in Germany.

The castle with its farm buildings was built in the 18th century and it belonged to the Von Sydow family until 1863. Then, the castle was sold to Gustav Karl Kieckebusch, a chamberlain from Schwedt / Oder. Catherine the Great, the longest-ruling Russian female leader who was born in Szczecin, Poland, lived just 20 minutes away from Schönow, which adds to the Uckermark region a very interesting historical background. Around 1892 the World War I general von Lettow-Vorbeck became the landlord and he owned it until the expropriation in 1945.

The GDR times in Uckermark changed the living conditions of the local people and local architecture and many castles in Uckermark were looted and destroyed. The few that were left were turned into schools or Kindergartens.

Schloss Schönow was turned into a market and apartments after the war. There was a fire in 1991 and everything was destroyed. This castle was emptY for over 20 years, that's why the locals called it 'the Sleeping Beauty'. When Brendan Flynt purchased it in 2015, he had the idea of rebuilding it back into an elegant castle.